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JC Whitney
Main address: Customer Service Department 61301 La Salle IL
1-800-603-4383, 1-800-541-4716 , 1-800-537-2700, http://sales.liveperson.net/hc/s-5255712/cmd/kbresource/kb-5887161647528473390/escalate!PAGETYPE?Vis
  • 73+4 mobile complaints
  • $9.2K claimed losses
  • $120 average
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  • Oct 07
  • Equipment
  • Incompetent Service Agent
  • 27

I talked with 2 different people on the phone, I wanted to order 5 items, the first person said she could not handle an order that large. The second person I talked with ( I believe he said his name was Jay or J) had no idea in this world what he was doing, and was NO HELP at all. This is the first time I have tried to order from your company in many years and it will probably be the last. You... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Car Seats
  • 29

I was looking for seats for a 1979 MGB. Website indicated seats that would fit. I called live customer service to verify they would fit. Yes, just need to modify the brackets. Installation took more than 30 days because of getting other parts. The seats do not fit! They are too wide. Now, I have an online chat 40 minutes on Wednesday 9/3/14 they said they emailed the manufacturer and check... Read more

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Please send me a complete catalog send to: Eddie Pereira 113 maxine street, spartanburg, south carolina, 29302 Add comment


  • Aug 10
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport
  • 59

I received a part number and price from JC Whitney sales rep for a hard top for my sons 2003 jeep Wrangler sport. The price quoted was $1600.00. the sales Rep was advised the jeep has full steel doors. 3 weeks later I call up to place the order and a different JC Whitney sales rep informs me I have the wrong part number and the correct part number cost's $2299.00. We spend over an hour on the... Read more

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How to order wrong partGot money refundedTry to order new partsWebsite didn't work your operators on call didn't workWhy pay them Add comment


  • Jul 30
  • Equipment
  • Shipping Service
  • 35

This is a terrible company that does nothing for there customers, I ordered 2 day shipping. They had a "glitch" in there system and still haven't got a tracking number after 3 days and there is nothing they can do once it goes to processing. Which is the min you hit submit. Doesn't there have to be a person that gets part of shelf? Isn't there a way to contact warehouse shipping? Well... Read more

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Just ordered something that turned out to be backordered. I'm looking @ hopefully receiving in with a month. This is the 2nd time this has happened. I also once ordered another product that was the wrong part. Shipment back was more then half the price of the product. Don't waste your time people! Add comment


  • Jul 25
  • Products
  • Hermosillo, Sonora
  • False Breeder Accusation
  • 33

this pool is great, and the customer service is amazing.i would definitely recommend this product to anyone. this pool is easy to maintain, and even easier to enjoy. our kids love this pool for the low chlorine levels. the low chlorine makes it easy for our kids to swim wwithout all the bloodshot eyes and chlorine wash on their skin. very cheap to maintain and it takes only a few minutes to take... Read more

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  • Jul 10
  • Equipment
  • Hood Catch
  • 42

Never in my life have I had to complain to a company about returning a part until now. Ordered a hood catch for a Jeep Cherokee which they had listed on their website. The picture of the product was exactly what I needed. 8 days later I receive my package in the mail and it is a hood latch for a Jeep. Not the part I ordered. I saved the link on my phone from where I ordered the part just to... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Equipment
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • 20

Terrible customer service. Ordered floor mats for car. They only shipped my the back floor mats. They never emailed me that the order was not going to be shipped complete. When I called them, they do not monitor orders and would have to get back with me with 2 days on " When " the front floor mats would be shipped. I cancelled the balance of the order and ordered from someone else. Their... Read more

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