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After reading reviews, i cancelled my order within minutes of purchasing.. BUT GET THIS...

customer service wouldn't let me cancel! I got am email saying that the part was already at the warehouse! LIARS! WHAT IS EVEN MORE PATHETIC IS THE PART WAS DEFECTIVE!

Something needs to be done with this company. They are borderline criminals. I suggest that people report them to pay pal or theor credit card company. This is clearly not the first time.

In fact it seems like a pattern.

I hope to prevent any further customers from getting shafted by these people. This is exactly the type of company that gives online shopping a bad reputation.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Same thing happened to me. It was four minutes between ordering and cancelling.

I was told that the order was already at the warehouse and ready to be shipped. Since they are not magical, this is an out and out lie.

Fortunately, i purchased through PayPal and have opened a claim against them. Unfortunately, I posted to their Facebook page all the issues I was having and the company removed all my posts.

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