Ordered $1,100 worth of merchandise from this company - 2 catalytic converters, gaskets and 4 sensors. Tracking numbers basically not provided; there was no packing material nor packing slip in the boxes; the CATs were in card board boxes with nothing around them; all items not delivered when stated causing a missed appt.

for installation; only 3 of the 4 sensors were delivered and to date, it has been 6 full days w/o a new tracking number for the remaining sensor; no one can answer questions properly; they would not expedite the remaining sensor - it didn't matter even my offer to pay for THEIR mistake to expedite; I was lied to and told that the 4th sensor would arrive by today, 6/17, when the tracking number itself hasn't even been assigned yet!!; they won't put a higher authority on the phone; they told me they didn't care if I returned all merchandise.

What a rotten, POS organization that I will never ever do business with again. JC Whitney, I hate you!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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